Ready to get moving?

Preparing for a move can be a very stressful time with lots to do.  It can be easy to underestimate the amount of things to be done and overlook certain items that may require special handling. Not only do you not want to be scrambling around at the last minute to get things done, but you will want to avoid any unnecessary and unexpected charges.

We’ve found that there are four categories of items that often get overlooked when clients are preparing for their move. 

1. Table Lamps – Most people will overlook these or forget to consider them to be a “fragile” item. Table lamps will need to be packed in boxes with proper padding and/or packing paper to secure the lamp and pad the box to avoid damages.

2. Pictures, Mirrors and Wall Hangings – Most framed pictures will have glass and are considered to be “fragile” items as well. If you choose to pack them yourself, you can purchase Picture/Mirror boxes that are usually perfect for these types of items. Keep in mind, most companies will not remove these items from the walls and will require that to be done prior to pick up. 




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 3. Small Electronics – This can include but is not limited to DVD players, VCR, gaming systems and accessories, blenders, toasters, rice cookers, microwaves, etc. Often enough, these items are sitting out and can “hide” in plain sight. Anything that will fit into a box should be packed beforehand and/or taken in the car.

4. Furniture with glass or marble pieces – When it comes to these items, you have a few options: moving them yourself in your car, packing them yourself with the proper packing material, or opting to have them professionally packed by your moving company.

Most of the time it is best to have the moving company offer you a professional packing service of these items. Please keep these items in mind so you can get an accurate quote on any additional charges ahead of time.

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