How to Prepare Your Kids For a Big Move

preparing kids for long distance moving

Long-distance moving can be stressful for adults due to its logistics. Even if you are moving across the street, there will be many aspects to handle. However, you and your children may suffer the same stress because they are not aware of why they leave their homes and move away.

If you live in North Carolina and plan to hire a moving company in Charlotte, North Carolina, you should focus on the following aspects to prepare your kids for the moving and help them handle it: 


Explain Them Clearly The Situation 

Talking to your children will leave you with a lot of time to answer their questions and understand their concerns. Also, it would help if you let them share their feelings about the move. Remind them it’s okay to feel nervous and anxious and that you are there if they want to share their thoughts with you.


Make Them Feel Excited 

Your children may feel excitement if they track how many days are left for the big move. Consequently, starting a visual countdown can keep them aware of the action and feel like they have a little control over the timing of it all.

Visiting their new home before you move will help your kids visualize where they will eat, sleep, and play. You can also use the trip to take them to the famous places in the cities to have dinner or have fun in the local parks and gaming areas. If you have a long-distance moving, reading books and looking at pictures on the internet will be the solution. 

Another fun thing to help them plan their new bedroom and game spot. If you allow your children to visualize how they will be doing in their new home, they will be more excited about packing. 


Consider The School Calendar 

If you’re moving in between school years, moving in the middle of the summer is a great time. They’ll still have a little summer with their old friends and a little bit of summer to get acquainted in their new town before school starts. 


We Can Help! 

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