Long Distance Moving Services

Are you in need of long distance moving services in your future? Let Carolina Premier Moving handle the heavy lifting for you.

We are professional long distance movers in Charlotte North Carolina that will get your items to your new home, whether it is in another North Carolina city or clear across the country. When you make us your Charlotte, North Carolina moving company, you can feel confident that your items will be transported safely and securely.

The Benefits of Using a Long-Distance Moving Service

The field of long-distance moving is filled with competition, and perhaps our biggest competitor is you, the client. Moving is absolutely something that can be done DIY. The question is if that is truly the best choice for you?

Carolina Premier Moving is a Charlotte North Carolina long distance moving company with decades of experience. We know that the following benefits are some of the biggest reasons you should choose a professional team:

  • We’ve had years to discover the common and not-so-common pitfalls of making a long-distance move and know how to avoid them. 
  • Just getting yourself, family, and pets to a new location is stressful. When you hire us, we take the most difficult part of moving off your plate.
  • Moving heavy and awkward items is difficult, even dangerous. Our movers know how to handle even the most difficult of items without risking injury to persons or property.
  • You don’t need to worry about how to move everything in a single trip. Thanks to our fleet of moving trucks and vans, we can easily get it done in a single go.
long distance moving company in Charlotte, North Carolina

7 Signs It’s Time to Outsource Your Next Long Distance Move

Even with the benefits in mind, there likely is some temptation to go DIY or hire less experienced movers. Moving is costly, and the temptation to cut corners is great. Plus, there is some personal pride on the line with you handle moving all on your own.

Ultimately, it’s about making the decision that is best for you. And if you notice any of the following signs, chances are good that the right choice for you will be to outsource your long-distance move. 

  1. You have a large house or a significant number of possessions.
  2. There are many larger items or those that are difficult to move—think about books, furniture, and anything that is delicate enough to require white-glove transportation.
  3. This move needs to be done in a short time frame and you aren’t confident you can do it on your own.
  4. You have no one in your new city to help you with unloading and unpacking.
  5. The big moving truck you’ll need isn’t something you are confident in driving.
  6. You really need to offload some tasks to free up your mental bandwidth for others
  7. Carrying your groceries in is hard enough and you will likely throw out your back moving that couch.

Remember: there is no shame in reaching out for help. Our team of long distance movers in Charlotte North Carolina is more than happy to handle your long-distance moving problem for you. 

The Carolina Premier Moving Difference

You have many long-distance movers in Mecklenburg County to choose from. So why does Carolina Premier Moving stand out against the competition?

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

As a professional moving service, we take our responsibilities seriously. This extends beyond top-notch service to iNorth Carolinalude having all the proper coverage needed to protect you and your possessions.

Prompt, Clean, and Courteous

All of our movers arrive on site on time, ready to get right to work. Each technician will be in uniform and take care to leave both job sites looking their best. Throughout the process, they treat clients and others with courtesy and respect.

Comprehensive Service

We can take over as much or as little of the process as you’d like. Our team can source the boxes and supplies, pack and unpack your items, and, of course, load and unload your boxes. We’re ready to take on the tasks that stress you most.

What to Expect from Our Service

The process begins when you contact us for your free quote. This can be done one of two ways. The first is virtually or by phone, with you telling us how many rooms you need moved and estimating how many boxes and furniture items there will likely be per room. Then, you tell us which steps you want us to handle: sourcing supplies, packing and unpacking, and/or loading and unloading. Based on this, we come up with an estimate for your service.

When opting for an in-person quote, you will get the most accurate estimate possible. This is because homeowners often underestimate just how much stuff they have. We can take a look at your home and figure out how many boxes will be needed, and even which types are best. From there, we can discuss our services and create a custom plan for your long-distance move out of Charlotte.

Once you are happy with our plan, the only thing you need to do is schedule the service. Our team will arrive at your house ready to get to work. You are welcome to stay and supervise or go ahead and hit the road for your new destination. Our team will handle all of your items with great care, getting them to their new location in perfect shape.

As soon as your possessions are in their new home, we ask that you inspect our work. We will also do a final walkthrough to ensure we have left your home in good shape. Then, you just settle in and enjoy your new abode.

Hire Long Distance Movers Charlotte North Carolina NOW

Would you like to make your long-distance move with minimal stress? Allow the most professional movers in Charlotte, North Carolina to help you! Carolina Premier Moving, Serving Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding areas, we are happy to take care of your move from start to finish.

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