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Whether you’re interested in selling your home this year or not, decluttering can be beneficial for you as the owner for many reasons. Although decluttering can be difficult and stressful, the potential benefits make it a worthwhile investment for the new year. 

First, decluttering can make the rooms seem bigger. Obviously, you can’t change the actual square footage of each room, but reducing the clutter in your home can give the appearance of bigger, more open rooms. This change in perception can also lead to increasing your home’s value as bigger, more well-maintained spaces can sell for more than smaller, neglected spaces. 

Less clutter means easier cleaning. You want to enjoy a clean home as well as invite guests and prospective buyers into a clean home should you decide to sell. Cleaning is easier when there are less things to move around, so it will be easier to do that initial deep clean and maintain the clean. This also makes your home easier to keep tidy for staging. 

Decluttering can reveal potential problems. No one likes surprises, especially costly ones regarding home maintenance. Reducing clutter can help you see problems hiding in plain sight such as mold or cracks in the walls. It is better to address problems when they are minor rather than waiting until they become major problems and show up on a home inspection. 

Clutter can also be distracting. By reducing clutter in your home, you reduce the amount of visual stimuli you receive on a daily basis. Statistics show that people with less clutter in their homes also experience less stress. It is also helpful for potential buyers to be able to imagine their own future in the space, seeing it as more of a blank canvas and their potential future home. 

Lastly, decluttering your home can make it smell cleaner. The smell is one of the first things that guests or potential buyers notice when they enter your home, and clutter can leave your home smelling stale. By keeping your house smelling fresh, you’ll enjoy your space more and so will potential buyers. 





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