Pack Fragile Items Like A Pro

Moving and packing is a delicate task. When you decide to pack everything by yourself, it can go two ways: either you’re aware of your belongings’ emotional and material value, so you’re extra careful, or you take things for granted and just pack everything harshly without realizing.


Doesn’t matter which packing person you are; there’s always room for improvement. Below, you’ll find some of our best tricks and tips to pack your fragile items like a pro moving specialist in Charlotte, North Carolina. Stop breaking glasses and chandeliers; we got you!


Importance of properly packing fragile items


Packing fragile items properly will save you money and time. Broken or lost goods cause complications and delays, which cost money and iNorth Carolinarease your overall costs.


It’s also very frustrating when something breaks when they weren’t supposed to, even with all your efforts in packing well. Packing fragile items is an art form that requires patience, care, and lots of practice.

Tips To Pack Fragile Things Like A Pro


People often make the mistake of packing their fragile items without considering how to pack them properly.


They may not be aware that certain things need to be considered when packing fragile items, or they may misjudge what is and isn’t fragile. 


The result is usually a broken item because it was packed improperly. That’s why it’s important to know how to pack fragile items like a pro! Here are some of our best easy tips for you:


  • Pack fragile things at least 24 hours before the move because it gives time for them to settle and adjust; This will allow any shifting around, so they don’t bump into other items during transport.


  • Pack fragile items in the center of a box to prevent them from being crushed. Use clean, sturdy materials like peanuts or bubble wrap that are safe for your belongings to avoid breakage and scratches.


  • Be mindful when packing anything with glass because it can easily shatter if mishandled. Wrap each piece individually before placing it together in a single box.  


  • When labeling boxes, make sure they’re visible. Hence, movers know what is inside without opening up every box first, wasting everyone’s time and money!

Receive Premium Services


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