Storage Solutions

Do you need somewhere to store your items for the short or long term? Carolina Premier Moving has local partners that can help. We will assist in facilitating the entire process of storing your belongings. Whether you need to store your items for brief period before a move, during a remodel, or for a long period of time due to lack of space, we have the best storage solution for you. Since we are a Charlotte moving company, we can also handle the packing, unpacking, and transportation logistics for you.

The Benefits of Our Solutions Partners

Charlotte has no shortage of storage facilities. So what makes our local partners the right option for you?

  • Our team can pack and move your items for you. This is beneficial in any situation, but especially advantageous if you are looking for storage while between homes or businesses.
  • Our partners’ warehouses are temperature controlled, which helps prevent any of your items from iNorth Carolinaurring damage.
  • All the proper licenses and insurance is carried, offering you extra peace of mind.
  • Facilities are monitored 24/7 with cameras and security alarms.
  • Access is controlled and monitored.
  • Warehouses are kept spotlessly clean.
storage solutions Carolina Premier Moving, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Signs You Need Better Storage Solutions

The need for additional storage can be sudden and obvious. In other cases, it can sneak up on you over years and years. However, if you notice any of the following signs, it is a strong indication that you need a storage unit.

  1. You are moving homes or businesses, but you have a bit of a gap in between when you need to vacate the first property and when you can move into the second. 
  2. Your garage is so full of household items that you don’t have room for the cars.
  3. Finding items in your closets is a struggle.
  4. Your attic, basement, and other storage space are full.
  5. You are in the process of packing or unpacking but don’t want to live in a house full of boxes. 
  6. You are moving to Charlotte and won’t have room in your home for all your items.

If you notice any of the above signs, allow us to help. Our team is happy to take care of all your storage and moving needs. 

The Carolina Premier Moving Difference

With so many storage facilities in Mecklenburg County, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. So, what is it that lets Carolina Premier Moving stand out?

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

As a professional company, we take our responsibilities seriously. This extends beyond top-notch service to iNorth Carolinalude having all the proper coverage needed to protect you and your possessions.

Short- and Long-Term Solutions

Whether you need storage for one day or many years, our facility is the right choice for you. We are happy to offer flexible terms that work for you.

Comprehensive Service

We can take over as much or as little of the process as you’d like. Our team can source the boxes and supplies, pack and unpack your items, and, of course, load and unload your boxes. We’re ready to take on the tasks that stress you most.

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What to Expect from Our Service

The process begins when you contact us to get your free storage quote. For this, we just need the following information from you:

  • What size unit you are interested in
  • How long you need the unit for
  • If you need to purchase boxes and other supplies
  • If you need help packing
  • If you wish to book our moving service as well

Once we have these answers, we can offer you a quote and get everything on the schedule. After everything is moved into your storage unit, our local partners will keep your items safe and secure while still giving you access. Throughout business hours, we are available to help you.

Get Started Today

Stop looking for ”storage services near me”. Allow Carolina Premier Moving to help you with the best storage solution especially for your needs! We serve Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. We are more than happy to store your items and keep them safe. Call us at 980-272-7388 or use our convenient online contact form to get your free quote.