What To Do Before Moving Into A New Home

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Moving to a new place can be tough. You’ve got the packing, the long drive, and then unpacking. It’s no wonder that people often put off moving for as long as possible. Things get lost in the shuffle, and you spend that first week in your new home just trying to figure out where things are. It’s an iNorth Carolinaonvenience, and it’s a lot of work.

Feeling Lost Is Normal

The moving process can be daunting, but it can go a lot smoother with a little bit of planning and preparation. Doing a little research can avoid all those pitfalls that cause most people to spend an extra week in their new home just trying to find things.

To-Do List

Get organized 

Pack in small batches, so everything is in one area and easy to find; label boxes with contents and destination room; create floor plans of each room in your new home.

Take time off work or school 

Make arrangements with your employer or school to take off the appropriate amount of time for your move.

Pack essentials first 

Pack items like toiletries, kitchen utensils, and cleaning supplies first. 

Get moving boxes 

Look at recycling stations, dumpsters behind supermarkets, neighbors who are also moving out for packing supplies.

Get help 

Hire professionals to move you or get friends and neighbors who can help with the heavy lifting.

Know your neighborhood 

Find out things like where grocery stores are located, what kind of entertainment is nearby, how long it would take for an ambulance to reach you in case of an emergeNorth Carolinay, etc.

Label your boxes 

This will help you when you’re unpacking in your new home. 

Keep a copy of important documents and papers 

Have them accessible offline and online (in case of an internet outage).

Backup your computer 

Save all your files to an external hard drive before moving, just in case something happens to your computer during the move.

Take pictures of your old and new home 

This will help you when you’re reminiscing about your old home or decorating your new one.

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