Ready to get moving?
Moving takes a lot of energy, both physically and mentally. It can be a lot for your pets, who are going through the same move as you, but without knowing why. It doesn’t matter how near or far your move is, it will still come with a lot of change that can be hard on your furry friends. 
That’s why we’ve included just a few things you can do to help make the process of moving with your pets smoother for you and them! 
Stick to your routine! 
During times when a lot is changing, your pet will find comfort in a routine. If your dog is used to a walk every morning, make sure to take one the morning of moving day as well. If the location is new, the familiarity of their usual food and water bowls, a consistent meal time, and a regular walk can help them find stability. 
Carefully plan out travel and accommodations if needed. 
If you’re moving your pet by car, make sure you have a comfortable carrier or harness to keep them safe in the vehicle. You should also make frequent stops for exercise and bathroom breaks as needed. If you need to fly, make sure to contact the airline ahead of time so there are no surprises the day of your flight and book a direct flight if possible. 
If you need to stay in a hotel on your way to your new home, make sure you call ahead and confirm that they are a pet-friendly hotel so you have a comfortable place for you all to stay! 
Keep their comfort items easily accessible. 
Does your dog have a favorite toy? Does your cat love to sleep in her own bed? Make sure you know where these items are so you can pull them out when you arrive at your new place. This will let them know they are safe and that they can begin to settle into their new home.
Give them some attention! 
More than anything, your pets love you more than they love any home. Make sure to give your fur babies some TLC on moving day instead of getting caught up in packing and unpacking. At the end of the day, what makes their home home is you! 




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